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Euler Products, Inc. is a company passionately driven to provide simple, elegant in-flight solutions to the private aviation industry. In everything we do, we commit to providing comfort and luxury through thoughtful design with an emphasis on quality and efficiency.

OUR MISSION is to elevate the in-flight experience of our customers through simple yet elegant products. We strive to provide quality, efficiency, comfort and luxury through thoughtful, purposeful design. We believe our innovative products and superior service bring value to the lives of our clients.

We believe everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. For every Diep Sleep System​ purchased, Euler will donate a mattress to a family in need.

CHAPTER DIEP, founder of Euler Products, Inc., has turned his passion for engineering into a company focused on the creation of quality aviation products.


For nearly 30 years, Chapter has contributed to several major aviation programs, focusing attention on new product development of pilot instrumentation and flight control systems. He has vast experience in aviation, design engineering, product development, testing and manufacturing. 



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