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Who cares how ingenious your bed design is if it's not comfortable? Rest assured, as much thought and care is put into our mattress as the rest of the Diep Sleep System. 

Each mattress comprises three layers of the highest quality foam in thicknesses limited only by your personal preference. 

Choose from our standard offering of soft, medium or firm, or specify your desired, custom height. We'll build it, then cover it in 100% refined flannel Chilean wool. Visually handsome, with a cashmere feel, this fabric is naturally flame retardant. From takeoff to drift off, rest easy knowing you'll soon sink into cloud-like comfort. And to further peace of mind, our mattresses all come with a 5-year* warranty.

Standard mattresses available in 3, 4, 5 or 6 inch height. Customized mattresses built to any size or height upon request.

Fire-block fabric layer

100% wool layer


Comfort memory foam layer

Support foam layer

Soft-feel memory foam layer

Fire-block fabric layer

100% wool layer

All mattress component materials have passed the 14CFR 25.853(a) 12-second vertical burn test. Further enhancing safety, our mattress has also passed the 16CFR 1633 mattress fire test, which requires a substantial open flame impinged upon the mattress assembly. 


The exceptional physical properties of the mattress have been confirmed through rigorous dynamic compression and IFD fatigue loss testing per ASTM D3574 i3.

*Prorated. Warranty details available upon request.

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