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The Diep Sleep System brings a supremely comfortable bed to even the trickiest seating areas. In less than a minute, conference groupings with fixed arms, L-shaped seating areas, club seats, and of course stateroom fixed beds are transformed from a living or work space to a sturdy, cloud-like place to snooze. 

To ensure complete comfort to match your liking, each memory foam mattress is available in three comfort levels– from soft to firm– the perfect place for restful slumber. So stretch, yawn, lie back and relax.  

Each bed is completely custom and sized to fit your aircraft. Handmade from fine woods, high-quality leathers and plating options to suit your personal taste and match your interior, your Diep Sleep System feels and looks as though it was made for your aircraft– because it is. 

Beds are available for each area of your aircraft. And because the Diep Sleep System is completely custom crafted, we can build a bed to fit even the most unique configuration.

All mattress component materials have passed the 14CFR 25.853(a) 12-second vertical burn test. Further enhancing safety, our mattress has also passed the 16CFR 1633 mattress fire test, which requires a substantial open flame impinged upon the mattress assembly. 


The exceptional physical properties of the mattress have been confirmed through rigorous dynamic compression and IFD
fatigue loss testing per ASTM D3574 i3.

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