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Bedframe Folded:

(2 units) 20.5 in x 16 in x 3 in

Deployed: 41 in x 16 in x 32 in

{Custom sizes available}


Mattress: 41 in x 75 in x 3 in

{Custom sizes available}

Sleeps up to two

The Conference Table bed This bed has been crafted for Bombardier Global 5500 and 6500 aircraft to reduce wear and tear on the conference table. The redesigned platform shape allows for even more cabin air flow and makes the system 20% lighter. Improved manufacturing processes mean your purchase will deliver faster.  

Available with a platform to increase stability, or without a platform, which speeds setup and eliminates another storage bag in stowage.


Lie back and relax. The Diep Sleep System will be ready for slumber before you finish that yawn.


It takes less than one minute to complete setup of the bed that fits perfectly within the conference group seating area and sleeps up to Designed as two modular units, the mattress and bed frame are easier for flight attendants to handle and store. The incorporation of a lie-flat platform– so sturdy you can stand on it– gives ultimate support for the memory foam mattress. Experience perfect rest and comfort. 

While traveling among the clouds, this is the bed of your dreams.

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